Benefits of Wisdom

BRRRR!! The temperature fell all day long…it’s not really bad, 14 degrees now, but it was combined with lots of wind and drizzly, damp stuff then a little snow. It sure sounds cold when you hear the wind howling. Kelli, I may not be as good at denial as you are!! But I am looking forward to some better conditions over the weekend. Besides I’m always warm when I get hugs from grandkids!!

Jon worked on the cradle this afternoon getting some fine details just right. I still have a little mending to finish, hopefully in the next couple of nights.

Thought for the day

Proverbs chapter 8 is a lesson on the benefits of wisdom. Consider these…truth , righteousness, straight-forwardness, instruction better than silver, knowledge rather than gold, wisdom better than jewels, prudence, discretion, understanding, power, riches, honor, wealth, fruitfulness, justice, life, and favor. That’s quite a list. There are also warnings against a perverted mouth…I’m not sure what all that would include, but certainly lying, gossip, and criticism would be on that list. How many shades of that are we guilty of? How easy it is to slip into destructive speech and hateful behavior. Let’s choose instead to live wisely, to guard our words and ways with wisdom that will reward us and those around us.

3 thoughts on “Benefits of Wisdom

  1. You are right…its freezing! I keep hoping for a warm up and so do the birds! They had been chirping in the morning, but today they are hiding, just like me! Sounds like you are getting some sewing done. Want me to bring you a quilt top pattern to start??? We could do it together? Just a joke! Love ya!


  2. O1 If you and Jon arent busy on Saturday night, me and Cheryl are having a booth at the soup supper at Walnut School. There should be about 12 different soups to try and you can vote for us! We took 2nd place last year..and we are going for #1 this year. It was a total blast last time, so I hope it will be fun again. $5…each gets you in the door and all the soup you can eat. Fundraiser for the school


  3. Hi, Kathy…Saturday we’ll be at Kelli’s…sorry. Soup always sounds so good this time of year. I think I’ll pass on the quilt top…the thought just scares me!! I hope you get first place on Saturday…have fun and stay warm! Love you!


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