Humor or Scorn?

Today we were shorthanded at work, but not too busy so that worked out well. The Harlan boys’ basketball team won their game at the state tournament today and will play again tomorrow night. I think they play again on Saturday whether they win or lose tomorrow night. Today was still very cold, but sunny. It should be a little warmer tomorrow then improve through the weekend. Jon got to go to Omaha to an equipment show today, so that was fun for him. He’s forfeiting a chance to go to Kansas and tour the Gleaner combine factory Thursday and Friday so we can leave Friday morning to go to Kelli’s. He likes his granddaughters better…isn’t that sweet? Thanks, honey!!!

Thought for the day

Yesterday I posted a little bit about a “perverted mouth”. Today I was reading in Ezekiel chapter 25 and God is pronouncing judgment on Ammon. There is this statement “because you have clapped your hands and stamped your feet and REJOICED WITH ALL THE SCORN OF YOUR SOUL against the land of Israel….” That capitalized phrase seems very descriptive to me of so much that passes for entertainment, comedy, even our own humor these days. Humor is fine, but it can’t be at someone else’s expense without crossing a line into sin. That’s a high standard, and I’m not pointing a finger at anyone else that doesn’t point at me. I am as guilty as anyone, and it happens so fast and comes so easily. I believe a sense of humor is a wonderful gift, but we must not let it be twisted just as we would not want any other gift to become a tool of the enemy. We must be diligent without being caught up in a performance mentality of earning God’s favor or love. That’s a lot to digest…we may need to roll this one around in our heads and hearts. Let me know what you think!!

4 thoughts on “Humor or Scorn?

  1. Good word today! Yeppers, needs to roll around in my head a little. Peaks my interest tho and Im going to look it up in the amplified!Have a great day and a great time with your kiddos.


  2. Hey dad…. so glad you like us better than combines! We really appreciate it! 🙂 See you tomorrow …. emmy is counting down and beyond excited. Bria is really excited too!


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