Okay, enough running around for a while!! I made it through my appt today without coughing during the test which was pretty much a God thing because I’m coughing a lot!! I haven’t felt this miserable in a while…it has wiped me out! I will plan on going back to work tomorrow and try to function…hopefully, I’ll be feeling better!
In the area of GREAT NEWS, though, Greg and Megan’s house sale closed today with no problems!!!!! He will put in his notice tomorrow and see how long they want him to work and start making plans to get to Iowa!!! HOORAY!!! And thanks to everyone of you for your prayers!!

Thought for the day

Enjoy your health!!!

5 thoughts on “GREAT NEWS!!!!

  1. Great news about the home sale! Bad news that you are sick…hey, so am I. I got up Sunday morning feeling fine except for a tiny sore throat, then wham! Im better…I started pumping in extra vit C and Airborne and I think it helped. I still have a sneezy nose and a bit of pressure on my chest, but I think I will make it. Hang in there and I will be praying for quick healing! Bless you!


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