Home Again, Home Again

We are home!! We had a wonderful time with Kelli’s family and even they had warmer weather…in the 40’s. I got up Saturday not feeling well, and later figured out I was running a fever and started coughing. I’m better but still coughing a lot at times. Tomorrow we go to the city for at least part of the day, then back to the work week.

Emmy was especially pleased that Aunt Tabbi had sent a Diego Rescue Center and Bria, Emmy, Grandpa, and I played a lot of Diego!! We went to see “Race to Witch Mountain” which was fun at least for Bria…Emmy somehow fell asleep in spite of the extremely loud volume. Thanks, Lord, again for another safe trip!! And thanks, guys, for a really fun time!!!

Thought for the day

Be thankful for the little pieces of goodness that God sends your way. My granddaughter who is 8 curled up at the theater with her head on my shoulder and later when we were listening to “Adventures in Odyssey” with her I invited her to sit with us and she said “I was hoping you would say that” and curled up with both of us. That was a gift I thought had passed and I was very grateful. Thanks, Bria!! And thanks, Jesus!!!

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