Back to Work

I actually went to work today—all day!! It wasn’t “exclamation point” exciting, but it means I’m feeling better. I’m still coughing, but not so badly. We don’t have any real plans for this weekend, so I’ll finish healing up. I may go to work for a while tomorrow…just depends. I hope all of you had a good week and a good weekend ahead.
Congrats to Kelli’s family on locating a used piano—fun for you, Bria and Emmy! Tabbi and Megan should have some quality sister time this weekend—fun for you two!! I’m sure they will sing the song “Sisters” while they’re together.

Thought for the day

As much as we may complain about work, it’s no fun when you’re too sick to go there. So I’m thankful for my job and being able to go. You should be, too!!!

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