Abiding Journey

I am feeling better, but still having a tough time breaking anything loose with this cough. We had some special meeting at church this weekend…Jon went Friday night and we both went on Saturday. Chad Hambrick and Scott England gave a mini conference called the abiding journey. Chad does the speaking and Scott leads worship. They also held both services today. It was very good in helping you look honestly at your daily life and where you are not living or ministering like Jesus. I saw some things I needed to see and can hopefully let God work out in my life.

The rest of today was quiet…saw Tabbi when she came back from Megan’s (I’m pretty sure they didn’t sing “Sisters” while they were together đŸ˜¦ ). I baked cookies and did a pile of laundry. I even fit in a short nap. I’m reading a book that Bria loaned me called “Inkheart“. It’s very fun, and I’m enjoying it a lot. Thanks, Bria!!

Pray that Jon and Kelli and their town is spared from any kind of flooding with the spring thaw.

Thought for the day

I am hoping to be faithful in letting God make some changes in my heart as He sees fit without becoming “performance based”. I need Him to purify my attitudes and outlook while still being true to the Truth. It’s hard to put into words…just needs to be worked through.

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