These are some more pix from our weekend…I know…I’m obsessed with my kids and grandkids. It’s true. I don’t know what to say. Oh well, there are worse vices…I don’t think I’m even going to try to reform. You’ll just have to live with it. Emmy and Bria got to see the baby chicks that came to my office last Thursday morning. They were pretty intruigued, but weren’t too sure they wanted to hold them themselves. They liked giving them names…There was Dad, Mom, Grandpa, Gramasaurus, Bria, Emmy, some of the daycare kids, and on and on. Very cute, of course.
Thought for the day
I hope you are enjoying the coming of spring as much as I am. It seems like it was a long winter, and as much as I love weather stuff I am ready for some sun and warmth. I’ve gotten to walk outside after work a couple of days this week, and it feels great. The trees are starting to bud as if they’re making up for lost time. As you know, I love the change of seasons and the weather patterns and the changes especially in the trees. It always reminds me that our lives have seasons, too, and we are wise to recognize them when we can. It’s not something we HAVE TO DO, but is sometimes helpful when we can see that God may be doing something new in our lives. There are seasons of rest, activity, growth, quietness, vitality, peace and so on. Where are you?

3 thoughts on “Seasons

  1. What cute pictures! Looks like fun was had by all. I just love that they call you gramasaurus…or however you spell it! They are so fortunate to have you for a grandma!


  2. Kelli, I can tell I’m good company if you share my obsession!!
    Thanks, Kathy, for liking my pix, but I know for sure that I’M the lucky one!


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