New Opportunity

Hi there!! It’s the weekend! Tomorrow Jon and Trever are planning on turkey hunting, so hopefully the weather will cooperate. I need to do some serious cleaning this weekend and beyond that we don’t really have any plans. I hope all of you have a great weekend…stay safe and well!

Thought for the day

We’ve been approached with an opportunity to lead a prayer time that will serve as an opening for the adult Sunday school classes at church. We took about a week talking it over and praying about it, and we’ve agreed to do it. It will only be about 15 minutes, and we will have the flexibility to pick topics and arrange the group as we like. We are asking for your prayer for us. This is new for us, but it is the thing we feel called to…praying with and for people. We just want it to be about God, not “our thing”. Again, please pray for us in this.

4 thoughts on “New Opportunity

  1. Thanks…I think it will be good. Howard announced it in church this morning and several people talked to us about it afterwards and were excited. We’ll start next week. We’re making a list of topics and ideas to work from. If you think of any suggestions speak up!


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