Good Thunderstorms!

Hey there!! We had a nice weekend…lots of rain which we needed and plenty of lightning and thunder to enjoy with it!! A good thunderstorm is one of my favorite kinds of weather. Yesterday I did some cleaning and stuff around the house and then Tabbi brought the boys over to stay overnight. We took them to Burger King and watched “Bolt” and “Open Season 2”. They were really good and we had a great time. Tabbi came in the morning and we all went to church together. Today was the first meeting of our Sunday prayer group, and it seemed to go well. I’d estimate that we had 40 to 45 people there. This afternoon we went to a visitation for a little while, got groceries, then came home for supper and TV.

Thought for the day

Have a great week and keep your eyes open. Try to notice each little blessing that comes your way, and keep track! You can post them here and we’ll celebrate together. Find every reason and excuse to be thankful and share your joys!!

3 thoughts on “Good Thunderstorms!

  1. I got one – no snow here! And the grass looks super green after this weekend…
    and CHUCK is on tonight!


  2. I really loved the thunderstorms over the weekend, no snow is great, “Chuck” is awesome! I’m also excited that I don’t have to cook tonight…getting Subway and voting for Chuck, right?


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