Season Finale

Chuck was completely AWESOME tonight on the season finale!!! Can’t wait for next season…it will happen! Plus “24” just gets better and better. I hope your Monday night was as fun as ours! Jon got a phone call at 7:15 and I had to put the smack down—that will not be happening again!
Talked to Megan tonight, and Greg starts a 3rd round of physical therapy tomorrow…we’re praying for fresh eyes and ideas and God’s healing hand. This is a different medical team, so we’re expecting some better progress.

Thought for the day

I’m enjoying seeing your blessings that you shared…let’s try again. Look for the small things that you can be thankful for and share them!!

2 thoughts on “Season Finale

  1. Blessing….Ive been so worried that the 3 rose bushes that I received as a memorial gift after my father passed away, would NOT grow this year. I have been watching daily and praying…finally they are sprouting and Im praising the Lord!


  2. That’s wonderful!! I know how much you vaue your plants AND your father…really special. My peonies are shooting up so fast I think you can watch them grow before your eyes.


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