Another Day

How was your day? Mine was pretty routine…work, lunch, work, haircut, supper (stir-fry, yum), sifting through papers, TV, texting, blogging. Got a really cute video on my phone from Kelli of Emmy’s Awana awards program. Later I got a text from Tabbi that Tru made up a new rhyme…”odd God”. How hilarious…it is true you know…He is unique!! We got our blood work results back from the health fair today…looks like we’ll both be seeing the doctor again…ggrrrrr!!

Thought for the day

I hope that you are being more aware of your blessings and more thankful for the little things. I am trying to be more conscious of the smallest things…they make up so much of our lives…the small blessings, the inconspicuous things that contribute to our peace or well-being. Anyway, hang in there and keep your eyes open for God’s mercy and goodness!

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