Vinegar and Honey

We had a very dreary day going until late afternoon. By the time I got off work it was upper 60’s? and great for a walk, which I did. Then I did laundry, made supper, etc, etc, etc. We have no big plans for the weekend; how about you? We have some things outside we need to get to work on…hopefully it will be a good time to do that.
Okay, so here’s the weird thing…someone gave me a suggestion for our joints. I have tendonitis in my shoulder, sore knees, and stiff hips. Jon is sore in the shoulders, elbow, and ankle. We are now taking one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and one tablespoon of honey every day. We were told to drink it in a cup of hot water, but I tried that and while it’s doable, no thanks. Jon tried it in a cup of my homemade spiced tea, and that we can do. We started over the weekend, and asked each other tonight whether we could tell a difference. Amazingly, we both are starting to have less pain! I’m not sure I can believe it yet, but glad to share all the details. You need to use a particular cider, and I can share the recipe for the spiced tea. Pretty weird, I admit!

Thought for the day

The sun today was a WELCOME friend. I guess that would be one of my blessings to be thankful for today. Another one would be safe travel for all of our family to and from work, shopping, while at work, wherever they’ve been. Of course I’m thankful for perhaps less pain for both Jon and I. How’s it going out there, people?

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