Nice Friday Night

No takers on the vinegar and honey? Really? Okay, but if you change your mind… Today was cloudy all morning, but we had mostly sun this afternoon. Jon and I went to Joe’s on the Square for supper tonight, and then took a walk afterwards. It was perfect outside…even Logan went with us and really liked it. I don’t usually walk here because it may aggravate my shoulder, but Jon took her leash so that worked well.
What are your plans for the weekend? We’re hoping to get some things started around the house this spring…inside and out. I’m not sure what will happen this weekend in regard to that, but we may get some supplies and and stuff to get started.

Thought for the day

We’re planning to focus our prayer time on Sunday by gathering a small group together with each of the people on the search committee to pray specifically for that person. We’re hoping that these groups will continue to pray for that person privately through this process. It really is a huge job they have to do, and we need to appreciate and support them all we can. It’s convicting to be encouraging prayer…easy to realize how little I pray myself.

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