EMMY, EMMY, EMMY!!! You are just too cute to be sick! I heard that you have an ear infection and pnuemonia…that’s not what we want to hear! GET WELL QUICK!!! We love you lots!

3 thoughts on “EMMY GET WELL!

  1. Emmy, I dont know you ,but you sure are cute! Your grammasaures is very worried about you, so get lots of rest, take your medicine and pray that Jesus will help you get well quick, we are praying too!
    Love, Ricky, Lucy and Possum


  2. Thanks Kathy! I’ll pass that along to Emmy. I’m glad that I had to close daycare today so she can have a quiet day of rest around here. It’s time to get healthy!


  3. Emmy Sue – get well soon! I didn’t even have to remind Tru that we needed to pray for you last night – he remembered all by himself! We love you! Maybe your big sister can you read a good book while you’re resting!
    Love, Aunt Tabbi


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