Busy Mother’s Day Weekend

I hope all of you had a nice Mother’s Day!! We kept Tre and Tru from Friday evening till this afternoon. Tabbi had to work yesterday and was planning on coming for church this morning. Ron Dotzler was our speaker at church this morning which was a real treat. We hadn’t seen him or his family in a long while. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to visit with them personally. We were occupied with getting prayer time started, and they had other plans for lunch. China Pan has relocated uptown and we went there for lunch..had a very nice time. The boys got their motorcycle rides before going home. Later we took my mom for a drive and DQ. I’m kind of tired tonight (for some reason!), so I think tonight will be quiet! On Friday morning I went to Tre’s track and field day where he won 3 blue ribbons! He was quite delighted and had a great time. Later I will get my pictures downloaded and will share some with you all

Thought for the day

In our prayer group today we prayed, of course, for moms. But it made me aware of the moms who face more trying circumstances…I thought especially of those who have children serving in the military (thinking of you, Kathy), those who have sick children or have lost children, those who are serving as spiritual heads in their homes. There are lots of challenges facing all moms, and we need to KNOW Who our refuge and source is. I know that as our kids grow up and our roles change that we need all the wisdom that God can give to relate well and wisely to leave the legacy that we want to give our children.

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