Feels Like Deja Vu

Wow, I think I’ve been here before. But this time it’s more fun and easier to save…program, track meet, and preschool graduation all took place in less than a week for Tre and Tru. Emmy will also graduate from preschool next week! “Back in the day” we could take some pictures, get film developed, pay even for the ones that didn’t look like anything, then if we were really organized put them into something called a photo album. Remember that? If we were living the good life we could use a huge camcorder and record the event to play on our VCR(?) later. Now we can take a palm sized camera and take endless pictures and shoot video all day long…just have an extra battery. Later you hook up a cord and move the pictures to your computer, burn to a disc, even play on your TV (we haven’t tried that yet). Your pictures show up at work on your monitor, in a picture frame, or on a key chain. Pretty cool. Here are some to share from the week, probably more later…


2 thoughts on “Feels Like Deja Vu

  1. Wow – cute kids… 🙂 Tre really has his game face on in that 3rd picture… Aren’t they the two cutest boys in the whole world???
    I’m not a proud mom, though… Am I?


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