More Season Finales

Tonight was our season finale of 24….ended with another cliff-hanger…see you next year, Jack! I think Wednesday night is our last night for finales of our favorite shows…just sad how addicted we are this year! I know you’re all very disappointed in us for setting such a bad example! But in good news today, Kelli notified us that Chuck will return next year with a half season for sure, full one if it goes well. YAY!!!!
We’re looking forward to this weekend…Kelli’s family will come for the long weekend, and the other kids will be coming and going as they can…not definite yet on all the details. We’re hoping to see the new “National Treasure” movie sometime.

Thought for the day

How do we keep balance? We know people who are great Christians…dedicated, Spirit-filled, then somewhere along the way there is a detour. Something seems to go wrong…or maybe I just don’t get it. They get on a track that leads to an extreme view along a particular line, or they track in a way that seems to remove them from reality. There is the other extreme of a faith and life that sees, hears, feels, expects nothing more than a secure eternity (not that that’s a small thing!). Obviously, we can let ourselves remain too attached to the world and miss the life God would have for us. But can we also lose a grip on reality and everyday truths when we get chasing down a side trail? I believe that there is a balance…not “middle ground” that keeps us hanging between the world and the kingdom…but a true seeking and embracing of the kingdom in THE MIDST of everyday, common, ordinary life that can transform the common into the significant. Does any of this make sense, or am I rambling? Whether I can put it into words or not, I think this balance, this seeing the eternal in the ordinary, is worth striving for.

4 thoughts on “More Season Finales

  1. Mom – you’re crazy – we want to watch the new “Night at the Museum” movie… crazy lady

    I think a balance between where we are and where we’re going/ who we are and who we’re meant to be/ is what we should be focusing on. Not one or the other.

    Sometimes you hurt my brain. But that’s a good thing…


  2. Thanks, Tabbi, I think…
    I want to see the movie, too…did I say something different than that? Ouch, now my brain hurts!! Love you!


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