More Walking

OK, I seem to be confused. We plan to see the new Night at the Museum movie this weekend. I must be a little whacked out. More season finales…got in my walk tonight…YAY!! My foot seems to be holding up well, and I hope to stay really regular with the walking. I want to get my cholesterol and blood pressure down…they were higher than last year even after 6 weeks of being really strict. I don’t need to let this get away from me. Now that my foot is tolerating longer walks, I hope to make some real progress.

Thought for the day

I need more sleep…this getting up earlier doesn’t work so well unless I go to bed earlier, too, and that doesn’t seem to be happening. Another area where I need to set some goals and priorities that contribute to life without becoming legalistic. Or maybe I just need to go to bed earlier. See you later! Love you all!!

2 thoughts on “More Walking

  1. Hey Luann, I should be walking too, I neeeeeeed to, but it just doesnt happen.
    Hope you are well. Get the bp down girl!
    Love you>>Kathy

    Lets talk finale's to night is idols!


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