Redeeming the Time

We have kids coming and going for parts of the weekend…we’re excited to see everyone again. So now we’re busy getting things ready…Jon mowed and we’re finishing up some things outside. I still have to get lots of groceries and get some food preparations done. Then the craziness will start!!! YAY!!! I got a little more sleep last night, but I need to do that on a more regular basis.

Thought for the day

I find odd moments during the day when I just want to have some time with God. I can’t physically do that, so I try to withdraw within and focus for a few moments. The weird thing is that later when I could take that time I let myself get distracted by meaningless things that just eat up time. It’s great to “touch base” through the day, but I sure miss the boat on “making the most of the opportunity” and “redeeming the time” when it comes to my free time. I know this makes no sense to you young moms…you have no free time! But I can make some pretty good chunks of it when I plan, and I don’t want to fritter it all away! Have a great day, and redeem what time you have!

2 thoughts on “Redeeming the Time

  1. Love this picture of the fam! I know what you mean about taking time with the Lord….why do we do that? Because we can, and we allow it and it is our sinful nature…I pray that we will focus more on HIM…Thanks for the heads-up…glad you are busy…glad you are sleeping…Larry and I are off tomorrow for a short trip to San Francisco, an early anniv. gift to each other…have a great weekend with the kids. Im glad you enjoy doing that, cuz I panic and dont do such a good job…


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