Okay, I have to give credit where credit’s due. The addition to my header was from a Veggie Takes DVD we watched this weekend…”with great chocolate comes great responsibility”. Just made me laugh, but the DVD had a good lesson about temptation. I think it was called “Larry and the Bad Apple”. We had SO MUCH fun this weekend. Tabbi and the boys and Kelli and the girls all arrived around noon on Saturday. We went out to the lake for a couple of hours, then came home and put a pork loin on the grill. We got to visit with some of our closest friends visiting in town for a while. Jon (son-in-law) spent his daytimes helping his parents with a project and his evenings here. On Sunday Megan and Greg came till Monday morning. We went to the new Night at the Museum movie in the afternoon—VERY FUN!! The kids played at dream playground for a little while. Jon and Kelli went out for their anniversary. Trever came and made us all fried mushrooms to go with supper—YUM!!! Then Tabbi and Trever took all four on the kids to their house for a sleepover. Everyone slept a little later this morning, then Tabbi came back with the kids. Greg and Megan took off late morning, and both girls and their kids left mid-afternoon. We went for a motorcycle ride this evening and stopped at Tabbi and Trever’s to give the boys rides. WHEW!!!!! It was AWESOME, and we are TIRED!!

Thought for the day

Back to temptation…the DVD made the point that there are many things that aren’t wrong, but can become traps and entangle us. I’m pretty sure that’s a universal issue for each of us…I know it is for me. It may be a hobby that takes over our lives, food or substance of other kinds, needing others’ approval…any one thing can become a prison that will not let us go. We must be on guard and ready to flee temptation of any kind that may become a snare.

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