Out With the Old

Tabbi and I had our garage sale yesterday. We couldn’t have done it without Jon’s help with setup and tear down and, of course, the all-important breakfast run. Tre started his sales career by selling bottles of water. At the beginning of the week he thought they should sell for $100,000.00 each. When push came to shove he settled for $20.00 apiece. He was willing to haggle and negotiate and they sold for between 25 cents and $1.00 each. He was a little disappointed by that, but was pretty happy when he had over $10.00 at the end of the day. We still have a lot of little boy clothes and a lot of my kitchen extras, so we may try again and hopefully we’ll have some of Jon’s and Trever’s stuff to sell, too.
After putting it all away around 4:00 the boys got their motorcycle rides, Tabbi got groceries, and the boys fell asleep with both of their heads in my lap watching Rescue Heroes. I was SO tired and am still fighting that today. Jon’s been away all afternoon and an attempt at a nap was mostly unsuccessful, but I did a lot of laundry and some cleaning. I switched purses which is always a lift for me. I’m sure I need to start some supper…could use a little inspiration.
Today our new interim pastor Roger Manning preached for the first time. He seems to have a really good heart and we’re excited to have him and his wife Jodie. This week we’ll be planning what we want to do in Kansas City next weekend. We’re excited to be going. THANKS AGAIN to all our kids–perfect idea!!

Thought for the day

It’s very therapeutic to sort out the old stuff. It helps me think about what I need, what’s important, what I want to spend my time on. This time it has made me want to spend my time well. I can’t say I really did that today, but I did have some quiet time and that was okay. I hope to do well, but I think I may need a more concrete plan…specifics that help steer me the right direction. I think I need to give that more thought. All of you have a great week!

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