Birthday Week

My day started with a phone call from my office giving me a heads up that the grain inspector was there. Fortunately, it went well…in fact I had a perfect inspection. That’s the kind I like!!! We met with good friends tonight to plan for starting up a Bible study again in the fall. We’re really looking forward to it…there may be another couple joining us that we have only barely met. I hope that works out for them.
Tomorrow is a VERY special day…Tabbi turns 30!! I can’t be this old?!! The plan right now is that they will be coming over to go to supper and celebrate her and Tre’s birthday. His will be on Thursday, and he will be seven! I apparently can’t find a recent pic of Tabbi and Tre together…I need to fix that!
Thought for the day
I always look forward to family birthday celebrations. It’s always special to celebrate the person and another year in the life. It changes some with time, though. With the kids you celebrate that they are a year older, stronger, bigger, more mature. Then there is a span of time when the person having the birthday isn’t so sure another year older is a good thing…I’m here to tell you it’s all good!! Later in life you begin to feel really grateful that you had another year and for the health and strength you have. People you grew up with start having heart attacks, cancer, even some deaths, and you realize that you really do have so much to be thankful for and each year becomes a badge of honor and something to rejoice! Hang in there…it gets better!

4 thoughts on “Birthday Week

  1. Fine… don't invite me… I didn't want to come anyway…. sniff, sniff…..
    🙂 just kidding! Have fun and eat lots of yummy food for me!


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