Back From Kansas City

We had a great weekend in Kansas City! We found our hotel first and had a really great clerk there who told us what to see and how to get there. We went about 5 miles south to a plaza area. It was raining lightly so we got out to take some pictures of a fountain then headed back to the van. We worked our way back north toward out hotel and stopped at Union Station. What a beautiful building and fountain outside! We went to the traveling Narnia exhibit that was showing there which was really cool…lots of props and costumes used in the movies, falling “snow” as you enter through the wardrobe door, models of a castle, a waterfall of ice, very cool stuff. We went through the skywalk over to Crown Center (Hallmark headquarters) with a ton of specialty shops and restaurants. There was an exhibit called “The Art of Brick” where an artist had done sculptures and pictures built entirely of Legos…really unbelievable! We went to a BBQ place for supper and dessert. On Sunday we went to the ball game and watched the St. Louis Cardinals beat Kansas City Royals 12 to 5. It was oppressively hot, but we were blessed by sitting in the shade starting about game time. Then the drive home. I haven’t downloaded from the cameras yet, so I should have pictures to share later in the week.
Thanks again, kids, for the great gift!!
And, by the way, Tre’s wrist is feeling well again…YAY!!

Thought for the day

It’s getting late, but hopefully I’ll have something later in the week! Remember when you were SO TIRED of winter and couldn’t wait for it to warm up? Well, hope you’re loving it!

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