Legos, Really?

That’s right, look closer, those are really Legos! We saw this exhibit called “The Art of Brick” at the Crown Center in KC. It was pretty amazing, and I’ll probably share more another time. Today the heat was broken about 4:00 by a huge thunderstorm with really high winds. The temperature fell about 25 degrees as the front came through. Jon had to go out on calls, but it was really short. That was good because this heat has been really brutal for him to work in!! I’d really appreciate your prayers for him through this hot spell!
Thought for the day
There’s nothing like Midwest weather…wow! We’re always thankful when the storm has passed and all is well, but it always make me realize how great God’s power is when a weather system comes through and there is nothing anyone can do to change it. We can be grateful that his love and power are on our side!

2 thoughts on “Legos, Really?

  1. Wow – good thing you and Dad didn't push each other into the exhibits. Although that would be kind of fun…


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