Feeling Better

Another great “America’s Got Talent” was on tonight! There was a 9 year old boy that could play a guitar like a pro and a group of postal workers that could really sing! Of course there were the crazies…don’t these people have a friend or family member who loves them enough to shake them silly and stop them from getting on stage? I mean seriously,……scary stuff! Oh well, that’s why we like it…a little of everything!

I’m almost done with the book “The Hole in our Gospel”. It is seriously challenging. It, along with the book “Revolution in World Missions”, have really brought the world and our responsibility in it into sharper focus for me. They definitely make “America’s Got Talent” seem less than the most important thing in the present realm! Now…what to do….

Thought for the day

Thanks for praying for me. My back was still bad through the night and this morning, but by late morning the Tylenol had kicked in and I haven’t needed any since. I’ll take my usual dose at bedtime, but I’ve been much more comfortable today. Thanks!!!

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