It was a wonderful day off! Last night we went to the tractor pull with Trever, Tabbi, Tre, and Tru. Because it was a late night, the boys slept here and I took the day off. They got to sleep in a little while and then I took them to kid care. Saw Tabbi then went to the city for a little shopping. It was raining on the was there and while I was at Target, but by the time I got home in the afternoon it was GORGEOUS…sunny, breezy, low humidity, and 74 degrees. I went for a long walk. Jon was able to stay home when he got off work and mowed. I baked cookies, grilled chicken for supper with corn on the cob (compliments of Trever and Tabbi)!

I must have been REALLY ready for a day off…it was AWESOME!!

Thought for the day

We’re doing some more research including asking a couple of organizations some specific questions by email. The book I’ve finished has cemented a determination on our part to be involved in some kind of international outreach. BUT I maintain that no matter how great the need around the world, we MUST find a way to make a difference where we are. I think it’s sometimes easier to write a check to send around the world than it is to reach out to someone who lives where you do and can find you when they want to. However true that may be, it is IMPERATIVE that we help where we live somehow. The Gospel has always traveled best in the shoes of a neighbor…when someone that lives where we live and faces what we face shares Christ and demonstrates the reality of His love to us, we have a sense that God actually “gets” us and loves us.

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