Answers to Prayer

We got some very good news today…Jon does not have a rotator cuff tear!! We’re very thankful that he won’t be going through that kind of repair. We made a couple of other stops and had lunch at Applebee’s before we came home. BYW, Applebee’s oriental chicken salad is a huge winner!! I went back to work for about 3 hours this afternoon…ready to print statements in the morning.

Thought for the day

Continuing from yesterday…God is really pulling my chain. He’s showing me the nastiness that still exists in me. I believe He’s answering a prayer that I’ve been praying. It was from a devotional book by A.W. Tozer, and the prayer is that He would “make known and take from my heart every kind and form and degree of pride, whether it be from evil spirits or my own corrupt nature and that He would awaken…humility…” The new realization of a person’s own pride in some area is quite painful and certainly humbling. Not fun… God, have Your way and do Your work. Don’t waste this…accomplish all that You want to do. On the bright side, He’s answering this prayer as well as the one that Jon’s rotator cuff isn’t torn…THANK YOU!!!

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