No Passing Zone

We had a busy weekend…at least the last half. Friday night we stayed home and were just glad to be inside. It was cold, rainy, windy, and homecoming…eewww. We slept late on Saturday, went to breakfast, then took off after lunch to drive a couple of hours to a wedding. Congrats to Matt and Katie!!! Today we went to church, then Greg, Megan, Tabbi, and boys all arrived and we took my mom with to lunch. Had a surprise visit this afternoon from Dawn and Ashley (all grown up and here by herself!). Jon and I went for a short walk after everyone left, and now I have to decide what to do about supper. Jon did pretty well riding in the car and I think next weekend will go fine if we plan on several stops to stretch and rearrange. Looking ahead now to that trip…YAY!!!

Thought for the day

God is continuing to work me over and show me the same things again and again to help me let go of areas of self and pride that would hinder His work in and through me. I’m trying to just let Him work and make no excuses or justification for my sin. I want to call it a different word, but the truth is that it’s sin. To know the right thing and not do it is sin. He didn’t ask if I felt like it, wanted to, or was so inclined…He just said to do it. I don’t get a “pass” based on my temperament, age, hormone levels, state of physical health, history, genetics, circumstance, or the amount of sleep I get. It’s time to put up or shut up. That doesn’t mean I’m on my own…the Creator of heaven and earth is standing by to do through me what “I” am unable to do. BUT I must relinquish my right to say no and let Him do it. How about you?

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