Reading Plan

Today I finally got caught up at work. Harvest is winding down, and the stress level is going down. I really enjoyed a snow day home yesterday. I did laundry, cleaned, and made M&M pretzels. I’m getting closer to having my shopping done. My plan is to completely finish shopping this weekend either online or in the city. I probably have some more cards to finish, and I haven’t started wrapping. But I promise to have everything ready by the big day!!!

I’m thinking about my plan for devotions for the coming year. What I’ve been doing the last two years is I divided the Bible into 5 sections: Old Testament history, Poetry, Prophets, Gospels and Acts, and Epistles and Revelation. I started the sections at the same time reading 2 chapters at a time in Old Testament history, 1 in Poetry, 1 in Prophets, and 1 in either Gospels and Acts or Epistles and Revelation. I didn’t get to every section each time I read. If you read this amount every day you can finish in one year with time to spare for missing weekends and other days. I took me 2 years to get through. I have lots of plans for getting through in a year, but this was less pressing (obviously). When you finish any section you just start it over. What I like is you get passages from different sections instead of feeling like you’re in the Old Testament forever. I would alternate Gospels and Epistles…Matthew, then Romans, then Mark, then 1 Corinthians, etc. I do that because it can be long to read all four Gospels back to back. You do finish the sections at different times, but they are pretty close. I’m still not sure whether I’ll stay with this plan for the coming year or not, but I’m always open to suggestions!!!

Thought for the day

The Bible is worth investing time in…not just because it’s good material. It actually is a gateway to God’s heart. The goal is not to master the book but to know and fellowship with the Creator.

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