Surprise Visit

Surprise! We got a phone call tonight from a friend who was coming into town and needed to crash here. Daryl was in the area for a family thing so we get a chance to visit! My shopping is all done, and now I’m waiting for things to arrive so I can finish wrapping. I still need to use up a vacation day, but I haven’t figured out how to fit that in yet. It’s still a little crazy at work…not so much for me but others are still under some pressure which means it’s harder for me to be gone. I still have things to do before next weekend, but it will work out fine.

Keep praying for Emmy…poor little thing has asthma and pneumonia. Lots of rest and meds for the next while. We will need to take it pretty easy with her when they’re here and help her mend. At least Kelli understands all of this better than her mother did! She knows just how it feels.

Thought for the day

Any new plan for keeping Christ in Christmas? We’ll be doing our birthday cake for Jesus again. I’m always open to suggestions!

2 thoughts on “Surprise Visit

  1. If you need to use a vacation day before the end of the year, TNT could use a Grandma day instead of KidCare! Just an idea. 🙂


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