More Ills

Today was a blur. We said goodbye to Daryl this morning and both went to work. At 10:30 my mom called me and wanted to know where I was. She had called my sister’s house 2 hours earlier wanting to go the the ER. They were both sick with the same stomach virus and told her to call me. She got in confused and thought THEY were going to call me, so she’d been waiting for me to show up for 2 hours…not a happy camper. She was mostly just dehydrated, and her blood pressure was high. They admitted here at least overnight to get her fluids up and her blood pressure down. In the meantime, I went and got all her meds refilled. After work I went to see her then went to her house to clean floors and gather sheets and towels for the laundry. I’m tired. We’ll see if they really let her go home…I don’t think she’s really going to be ready to be on her own.

Emmy is not handling her steroid so well…cutting it back to half to see if that goes better. Pray that she (and the rest of the family) are well enough to enjoy Christmas. Jon’s one med was doubled yesterday to hopefully give him more relief in his arm so he can sleep better and have less pain overall.

Thought for the day

We are shot. Going to bed!

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