My Mom

My mom passed into her next life almost two weeks ago on Monday, December 5. Her condition changed very quickly and she mercifully went home in just a few days. We were each able to say goodbye in our own ways, and it is a blessing to know that she is with Dad and Jesus. […]

Seasons of Life

My mom fell a while back. She went to the ER and got xrays that showed no breaks. However, a new xray now shows a hairline fracture in her pelvis. She won’t be returning to her assisted living room. She will stay in the nursing section, and, thankfully, she’s content with that. The plan is […]

More Ills

Today was a blur. We said goodbye to Daryl this morning and both went to work. At 10:30 my mom called me and wanted to know where I was. She had called my sister’s house 2 hours earlier wanting to go the the ER. They were both sick with the same stomach virus and told […]