Seasons of Life

My mom fell a while back. She went to the ER and got xrays that showed no breaks. However, a new xray now shows a hairline fracture in her pelvis. She won’t be returning to her assisted living room. She will stay in the nursing section, and, thankfully, she’s content with that. The plan is to move her stuff out on Saturday if we can work it out. Then we’ll have to start on the house….ugh. I wish that part was all over.

Thought for the day

The seasons of life come and go. And I can’t stop them. My life is in God’s hands, and time will march on. Even as my posterity increases and grows, my own life will eventually grow smaller and my circle of involvement will decrease. How can I remain vital when my life becomes smaller? 1 Thessalonians 4 offers some insight…keep pleasing God in a living, spirited dance. God wants you to live a pure life. Don’t run roughshod over others’ concerns. Have a holy, beautiful life. Love one another. Stay calm; mind your own business; do your own job. Live in a way that commands respect.
It seems that we can continue to live well through all the seasons of life. I want to press on to be and do all that God would want in everything that lies ahead.

4 thoughts on “Seasons of Life

  1. Good luck moving Grandma. Will she be living in the nursing home part for now on then? I'm glad she's content with that. Good luck with the house! maybe it will be more fun than you would think it would be.


  2. yes the plan is to keep her in nursing. i can't foresee her getting strong enough long enough to do anything else. hopefully she doesn't have any roommate issues. we do have her on a list for a private room, so when her name comes up she has that option.


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