Cold Saturday

Today I was home by myself while Jon was working on a truck at the shop. It was a great chance to sort, pitch, and put away (some of my favorite activities). I cleaned out the med cabinet, put away all the rest of my Christmas stuff (except for the lighted houses, jingle tree, and willow tree shelf), cleaned floors, and did laundry. I still will dust, fold towels, and plan on putting up new pictures today. I even got in a little reading. It’s still very cold here, but the sun is shining and the snow looks so pretty. Yes, I said pretty. Those words will just about get you stoned around here these days.
Last night our Wednesday night ladies group met for supper and games at Joyce’s house. It was a blast. We laughed so hard it hurt. And there was some crying, too. Joyce’s food was awesome, but the new recipe cake I made…not so much 😦 Live and learn!

Thought for the day

I’m reading a book of 12 sermons by A.W. Tozer called “I Talk Back to the Devil”. The name comes from the title of the first sermon, and the collection covers lots of areas where we compromise and sell out. It hits hard at the tendency to hold back in the area of our walk with God for the sake of convenience, pleasure, reputation, and a host of other “concerns”. We sure don’t want to be whole-heartedly God’s…someone might think we’re a fanatic! How horrible! I’m sure glad Jesus was a fanatic. Enough of a fanatic to die on the cross even for me. Maybe I should cope with some inconvenience?!?

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