Gotta Get Moving

We just finished watching the first regular episode of “Chuck”. It was the best one ever!! I hope you all enjoyed it! Gotta love it! What are you up to? We’re pretty relaxed around here. Or maybe it’s called lazy. I should go down and get on the treadmill for a little while and find something else to work on.

Thought for the day

I was reading Matthew 15 this morning. The passage was about what goes in a man doesn’t defile, but what comes out does. It reminds me that any issue I come up against is, at its core, a spiritual issue, and the answer is found in Christ. Taking time to truly focus on Him until I know that I have heard from Him gives Him the opportunity to speak into every area that I am facing in my life at a given time. Whether it’s my attitude, my speech, my habits, or my __________ (fill in the blank), I don’t think it can be truly resolved until I bring it to Christ, see it with His eyes, and leave it at His feet.

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