To Des Moines and Back Again

Yesterday I went with Tabbi to watch Tre’s basketball game then came home to finish cleaning. Last night we went out to eat with Connie and Larry and my mom for her 91st birthday. It was a wild party!!!! Then today we went to Des Moines to visit Megan and Greg (a week late for Megan’s birthday). We ate at Ruby Tuesday and went to Jordan Creek for a while. It was a very nice day!
Tomorrow it’s back to work and supposedly some more snow! Surprise, surprise!!!!!! It’s about time…we actually saw bare spots in the fields today while driving. I think we saw a dozen groups of deer driving home today with any number from 4 to 40 in a group. I know that’s the most deer I’ve ever seen on any drive. All of them were well away from the road until we were a half mile south of Harlan and one almost came onto the road in front of us. But we made it safe and sound!

Thought for the day

Now I’m reading “Absolute Surrender” by Andrew Murray…a very good follow to “Humility”. Believe me, God has been doing a work and while it hasn’t all “felt good” it has been liberating. He is setting me free from me! I’ve not arrived, but I am greatly encouraged and completely confident that He will complete what He has started. God’s ways are best. Don’t be afraid to lay yourself down and let Him have His complete way in your life. Do it because it’s His way, but I promise you it is also the only path to peace and joy in any measure!

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