Back to Normal

Life returns to normal. Jon is home in the evenings again after working a full week of at least 16 hour days during and after the ice storm. He falls asleep really fast in his recliner, but he needs to catch up on some sleep. Even better news, we’ve gone 48 hours without a trip to the ER!!!

I hope you have weathered the weather well. Today we had sunshine with our cold temps, and that was nice, too. We plan on visiting Greg and Megan on Sunday to celebrate her birthday a little late. I hope Jon’s rested up by then. We are also going out to eat for Mom’s birthday this weekend and hopefully can get her in and out okay. It’s quite a challenge to navigate with her when conditions are less than perfect.

There was a comment today on my Blurb listing for my book from a man in New Zealand! Weird. You know the internet is all over the world, but it still surprised me. We’re watching “Superman Returns” tonight. Didn’t realize we’d never seen this one…pretty fun.

I hope all of you have a great weekend! Stay well and safe!!!

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