Tru’s Special 7th Birthday

What a wonderful weekend we had!!! Kelli and the girls arrived Thursday afternoon, Tabbi and the boys came over Thursday evening, and Jon came from Muscatine later Thursday night. We spent Friday together celebrating Tru’s 7TH BIRTHDAY!!!! The kids had a great time playing together, and we took them to the pool for a couple […]

Back to Normal

Life returns to normal. Jon is home in the evenings again after working a full week of at least 16 hour days during and after the ice storm. He falls asleep really fast in his recliner, but he needs to catch up on some sleep. Even better news, we’ve gone 48 hours without a trip […]


Jon worked late tonight grinding dyes after spending all day cutting trees…plus it was 85 degrees this afternoon. Not surprisingly, he’s ready to be done. I don’t know how he does it…I’m usually tired after sitting at a desk all day then doing a few chores around home. I must be a weenie. OR maybe […]