Doctors Again

For healthy people it sure seems we are going to the doctor a lot. Me last week, Jon twice this week, me again tomorrow…One of these days we’ll get it all figured out. Any big plans for the weekend? We have some potential plans with Jon on call to keep it interesting.

Tomorrow is Trever’s birthday…HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TREVER!!! And Sunday is Valentine’s Day…anything going on for that? We will be seeing pastor Murdoch on Sunday…he’ll be up here to preach and we’ll be at Dallas and Lois’s for dinner with them and him.

Hope you all have a great weekend and I’ll be checking in later!!!

2 thoughts on “Doctors Again

  1. FUN! Sounds like a good weekend! Tell Murdochs “hi” from us!
    Bria is having her friend Lauren overnight here tonight – we're going to go see “The Tooth Fairy”… running errands on Saturday and church and I don't know what on Sunday…..


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