Olympics Are Back!!!

The Olympics are back!!! I love watching the Olympics, and I think the winter games are my favorite. It’s so sad that the luger died today…21, wow. I don’t understand what people put themselves in order to compete. I like to watch, but I don’t get what it takes inside a person to do that. It’s amazing to me what they can do even when they’re injured. And, of course, there are all the stories. They pull on my heartstrings and pretty soon my eyes are watering. I’m such a sap!!! Oh well, I’m in for two weeks of sappy. The really awesome news is we learned just this week that we can get our major network channels in hi def on some upper channels and the picture is COMPLETELY AWESOME!!! Way better than paying another $26/month ($41/month with DVR) to get the HD tier from our cable company. We don’t care if we don’t have all channels in HD since we aren’t watching sports on cable channels. Still won’t have DVR, but this will work great for us! YAY!!!

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