Sunday Potpourri

We had a good Sunday. Pastor Murdoch was here to preach and really connected with all of the congregation…more so than I’ve ever seen any time he’s been here before. He preached on the four kinds of faith…head faith (knowledge only), dead faith (no fruit in the life), devil’s faith (fully knowing the truth but not committing to it), and saving faith (full commitment). Good stuff. Afterwards we went to Dallas and Lois’s for lunch and visit with Doc. Great food and conversation. Did some cleaning after we got home and back to watching the Olympics IN HD!!! WOOHOO!!!!
Hope you enjoy the new elements on my blog. The search bar at the top will let you put in a word and find its every occurrence on my blog. There is a calendar, a piano to play, penguins that you can lead around with your mouse (fun to spin), some nature sounds that you can listen to, and an aquarium, though it’s not working at the moment. It may have to go bye-bye.
Jon learned last week that he needs carpal tunnel surgery as a result of his broken wrist. Hopefully, we can make some progress this week with getting that scheduled and figured out.
We’ve had our daily snow the last couple of days again, and actually saw some sunshine today. More snow coming tomorrow, but shouldn’t cause any problems. Jon’s on call this week and, thankfully, hadn’t been called out all weekend. He’s been pretty happy about that. He’s actually starting to get caught up on rest a little bit…he’s staying awake past 8:00 most evenings!
Time to do my foot, back, knee, and shoulder exercises. Hopefully I can remember them all 🙂 Hope all of you have a great week. REMEMBER, the truest thing about you is YOU ARE LOVED BY GOD!!!! AND NOTHING IN THE WORLD WILL EVERY CHANGE THAT!!!!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Potpourri

  1. Love all your new fun “stuff” on your site! I'll be sure to have the girls check it out too!
    Oh… and we'll wait on doing Emmy's loft until the weather is actually going to be warm!


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