Carpal Tunnel Surgery

We are home. Jon had carpal tunnel surgery this morning. It’s pretty amazing, really. We left home about 6:45, drove an hour, had surgery and recovery time, and drove an hour home and were back in town by 11:15. WOW!!! He is resting and seems to be doing fine. There will be ice for a few days and pain pills for at least 24 hours along with elevation and light use of his fingers. No lifting over 2 pounds till he goes back on the 25th. He honestly feels like he already has improved sensation in his fingertips which had become quite numb…that’s good news!!!
Thanks to all of you for your continued prayers for a full recovery. It’s been a long 6 months for a man that has never been one to “take it easy”. He’s really hoping to be able to function at 100% again soon. I’m doing some catching up here this afternoon and keeping track of “ice on” and “ice off”.
Thanks again!!!!

One thought on “Carpal Tunnel Surgery

  1. Get well soon Dad! Too bad it's not Dairy Queen season – recovering is always a good excuse for ice cream…


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