Greg’s Birthday!

We had a wonderful weekend in Grand Forks with Jon, Kelli, Bria, and Emmy! We did some shopping, played some games, watched some movies, and did some painting. Some of us even squeezed in some naps! We went to watch the girls skate, but it didn’t last long because the ice wasn’t very good due to warmer temps.
Tomorrow Jon will have carpal tunnel surgery on his right wrist that he broke in his fall in September. We’re praying that this will relieve the nerve pain and numbness that has been getting worse instead of better. He was able to clear quite a bit of the down branches in the yard today…the snow is almost gone…quite a change!
Today is Greg’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GREG!!! The last one before the big 3-0!

Thought for the day

It’s always essential that we trust God. Carpal tunnel surgery isn’t always successful, but we’re trusting Christ for a good outcome. There is always some apprehension with any surgery, but we’re trusting Christ. Greg and Megan are traveling soon…we’re trusting Christ for a safe trip. We have growing grandchildren…we’re trusting Christ to watch over them and make them who He wants them to be. Trust isn’t trust if it isn’t applied to our day to day circumstances. What are you facing? Trust Christ.

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