It seems I was just starting to get to know her. I knew Jennifer when she was a child, but never got to spend much time with her. She became a woman, a wife, and a mother while I was busy with my own family. Thanks to facebook, I was getting the opportunity to connect with her in little ways again…a note, some pictures, fun news about the family. I wish I’d made a greater effort. She was a bright, energetic woman with a wonderful smile. And though our lives were not intersecting much at all, I will miss knowing that she is there raising her twin girls and enjoying her life. She will be missed by so many… We will offer comfort and a listening ear to her family, but that won’t fill the emptiness. Only Jesus. Lord, hold them close and make Yourself known to them in ways that touch them deeply and profoundly. Hold us all…that You may receive the glory in every situation.

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