The Need to be Thankful

We are planning on traveling to Jennifer’s funeral next week. My feelings are a mixture of sadness and excitement. It will be so good to see everyone, but such a sad time. Tabbi is planning on riding with us…almost like old times. I’m sure we’ll need to be aware of all the possible pit stops along the way 🙂

Thought for the day

We have so many friends who are going through such hard things right now…Dan’s family, Marcus and Crissy, Erika, and all the Lukes. All we can do for them is pray. It reminds me that I have SO MUCH to be thankful for. And so do you. There is a quote in one of my devotionals that I like…”If your cup is sweet, drink it with grace.” Don’t look for trouble; don’t worry about what if; don’t flaunt your blessings. Receive what the Lord gives you thankfully, humbly, and with a hand that holds all things loosely. All we have is His; it is simply put into our hands for a little while to be used for His glory. It is His to do with as He sees best. Lord, have Your way, do Your will, and rule and reign in all things.

2 thoughts on “The Need to be Thankful

  1. Love your thought for the day. And the thoughtful way that you mention that we need to know where the “pit stops” are…
    Is it really such a bad thing to wait until dad is out of horrible traffic to say that I need to use the restroom? Isn't it really better for everyone that way (except me – especially when there's not another stinkin' bathroom for another 3000 miles – per the cop)? I thought I was doing you all a favor!! I'll try not to drink much Monday at work…


  2. You were doing the best you knew. I didn't know there were no restrooms on the turnpike either. But we'll make sure to check with you before we pass one by, just the same. 🙂


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