Finally, we are moving again on the construction!!! Today Brad and Jon are taping the drywall in the entryway. I’m not sure if they’ll be hanging sheeting in the garage or not…Jon’s been working on that some the last day or so also. Bruce says he’ll come on Monday to hang the door between the entryway and garage. Feels so good to see some progress again!!!
I will soon have to dismantle the bathroom and hallway closet so we can do that remodeling. Where do I put everything???? That part will be messier, but it really shouldn’t take very long to complete. Then we’ll have a nice shower upstairs and a new top and sink on the lavatory. It’s been a long time coming…
We’ve had a little snow the last 24 hours…just enough so you have to watch your walking and driving again. Still falling just a little, so I’m not sure if we’re about done or not.

Thought for the day

Don’t ruin today by thinking too much about the future. It will be fine…it will look great… Our new mantra applies well to many uncertainties. Better yet, I’m learning to put things in God’s hands and forget about them for today (or for this moment). At least I’m trying to learn…. Tabbi may say I have a long way to go after hanging out with me today. Still learning…

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