It’s been a productive weekend. Friday night I went to Tre and Tru’s school carnival to hang out with them while they played the games and had fun. Saturday we were home most of the day working around here. Jon got the entryway all painted and the lights up and working in the entry and outside. Today he and Brad finished taping the ceiling of the garage, and I baked cookies and did laundry. We’ve ordered flooring for the entryway, and Bruce will (?) be coming tomorrow to start on the bathroom. I’m covering most of the living room with sheets to hopefully avoid some of the mess.

I’m really excited to see Kelli and the girls come through here later in the week. It’s been too long since we’ve seen them!!!!

Saturday I had way more pain than I have had in a while, but, thankfully, today was better. I’m never sure why it can be so different sometimes, but I’m beginning to think that being on my feed for longer periods of time without a break is a factor. I’m hoping standing doesn’t become the kind of issue it was before my last surgery. Also, I had MUCH more stress at work this week which may have unleashed its effects on Saturday. I hope this week is better, but I’m not sure why it would be.

We got a couple of pics from Megan on our phones this weekend, and Oz is loving standing up with help. He’s sleeping without his sleep sack and exploring every corner of his crib while sleeping. Plus he’s getting up on his knees and scooting himself forward…just hasn’t figured out how to use his arms to navigate. It won’t be long till he’s crawling everywhere!!

Thought for the day

It was a “productive” weekend, and that felt good but I’m very grateful that God doesn’t value me according to what I produce. He cares about my heart; He cares about my relationship with Him. He doesn’t want my efforts or my productivity…He wants me. He wants you.

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