Senior Discount

It’s great to be 55!!! I went to Hy-Vee yesterday and got 15% senior discount on my entire purchase (every Wednesday). Then today I was at Pamida and asked the checker if they didn’t have a certain day that they gave a senior discount. She said, “Yes, on Thursday. But it’s every other Thursday, and today is it.” Another 15% off!!! YAY!!!
Plus I learned how to buff my nails…they’re so shiny!!! It’s the little things…..
Today Kelli and the girls went to Muscatine and were very excited to see Jon and spend a few days with him. It was good to see them even though for a very short time.

Thought for the day

It will be a week tomorrow since the 9.0 earthquake off the coast of Japan followed by the tsunami. Now they’re dealing with nuclear reactors in jeopardy. It’s so horrible to see the devastation and the complete loss they are facing. It’s so hard to understand how these things are in God’s plan. And yet, He is in control no matter how it seems. We pray that God’s love and mercy will be poured out on the Japanese people and they will be won to the Lord.

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