Redneck Shopping

The Honda needed a visit to the shop for a recall issue, so we drove to Omaha today with both vehicles. After dropping off the van we did some shopping. I found a memory box for my mom’s baby dress that I want to display. We met Doc and Nancy at Village Inn for lunch and had a wonderful visit. Love those two to pieces!!
After that our shopping took a redneck turn and I realized after getting home that we spent the bigger portion of our money today on a big flat screen for guy TV and ammo. And we called it Christmas. Pretty scary, I know!!

Thought for the day

It was such a blessing to be with Murdoch’s today. I wish I could put it all in a bottle and get it out to replay over and over. They are a wealth of wisdom, insight, and encouragement. It would be amazing to someday be that kind of influence and encouragement to other people. A couple of gems to remember…”I have put you in a dry place, but I will nourish you from within.” “Make God tell you no.”

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