Keep Asking

Harvest is basically over here. We’re still getting some corn in day by day, but not so fast and furious. Being gone on Friday put me behind and hoping to get caught up by tomorrow. Today Harlan played Decorah at the dome in football semifinals and got beat 35-14. That also meant there weren’t many people at work today, so it was a little crazy.

Thought for the day

So how do we navigate the line between accepting whatever comes as God’s will from God’s hand and trusting God for healing? I asked Doc and Nancy this question yesterday and they gave wonderful insight with an emphasis on reality. People tend to want instant healing, and it is usually a process. They suggested I keep on asking and asking until I get an answer one way or another about my back. Doc said, “Make God tell you no.” In the meantime, get closer, listen harder, trust more.

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